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I've pretty much given up on The Corrections for now because I have to read another book for a different class and I'm just sick of trying to slog through 100+ before being able to finish a chapter. I still have no idea what topic I'm going to draw from it to present to the class but I'm thinking I could talk about the chapter formatting just so I can rage about it. Seriously, I get the point of it and everything but it just turns the book into an unwieldly behemoth and I seriously have neither the time nor the motivation for it.

The other book is for Non-Fiction (Stasiland) and, two chapters in, I already like it much better. But then again I do have a bias for post-war stories and tales from East Berlin. Seriously, look up some of the methods people used to escape to the West. I read about a guy who commandeered a tank to get through the wall's defences.

Anyway I have three assignments due over the next three weeks and I don't really know what I'm going to write for them? All I need for editing is a proposal and I already know I'm going to create a presentation on Common Archetypes in Fiction - and give it a much cooler title obviously - but the main problem is actually finding resources that aren't the internet. So if anyone knows a decent book I can use as a reference I would be forever grateful.

In other university news my only friend is a 60-something-year-old lady. And even then "friend" is a stretch. There's a group of somewhat geeky kids I'd like to get to know but they knew each other before starting the course and it's just way too intimidating to try talking to them when they're in a group. So I'm hoping that I can casually pop into a conversation at some point and identify myself as a grad A goofball because, as several of my friends have told me before, "you don't look like the kind of person who would have the interests that you do". When we workshopped some writing last week I left sci-fi in-jokes all over one kid's paper but I have yet to see results. And another catches the same train as I do but we have yet to speak. Ughhhhh how do I people?


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