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 I felt like doing something so I wrote this for a friend. Not sure how well I do Tellius so I hope it's not too awful

He was a good sparring partner and would be missed. That was all. )
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Or there may as well be, I've bought so many in the last week. And, of course, I'm once again prevented from reading the things I actually want to read by required reading for my course.

I suppose it's not that bad. I'm reading The Corrections for Writing Fiction. Not really looking forward to having to give a presentation on an aspect of writing in regards to it but I guess it's a good read. Actually, it's really good but my reluctance to grant approval it lies mostly in the fact that the formatting is, for lack of a better word, stupid. The book is broken down into about five "chapters" that could more accurately be labelled as novellas of their own and it's just really inconvenient for reading purposes. I don't often have the time to sit down for a couple of hours, I'm snatching a few pages here and there between breaks. It just feels very... clumsy? I don't know.

Still waiting to see what I have to read for Non-Fiction. Why are all my assignments accompanied by a presentation? I get that writers have to be okay with talking in front of strangers for negotiation/publicity reasons but getting up in front of 20 strangers to talk about stuff we should already know? Yeah, pass. And my Intro to Editing presentation has to be fricking 10 minutes long.

Basically; "nope nope nope nope nope".
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Yeah so trying to move myself over to dreamwidth and I'm still fixing everything up and wondering if I'm even going to be using it much seeing as I'm so busy and honestly way too self-indulgent with my other hobbies.

Anyway yeah, I'm akaruihoshi over there too so hit me up or whatever.

Still crossposting to LJ though.


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